Our Hershey Story Part 2

Hershey The Man

Hershey is a town like no other because of one person, Milton Hershey! Milton had the ideology that investing in education and the community was top priority! Everywhere you walk in the town you look up and see the Milton Hershey School at the highest point of the town!

This school is a private school designed only for needy children! They take in children from all over and take care of them 100%. Clothes, food, housing, and anything that the children could need to further their education is provided 100% by the school. Of course you are probably wondering how this is possible if it is free to attend the school as long as the student qualifies. The answer can be found on the back of every Hershey Chocolate bar! Next time you enjoy delicious Hershey chocolate, take the time to read the back and you'll see that all profits of all Hershey products go directly to this school! Milton Hershey loved children and took care of many while he was alive. He was unable to have kids himself with his

wife so by taking care of others, he filled that void. He believed in investing on education and the community that kids grew up in so they could develop the skills and lifestyles they needed to live a healthy and productive life. All the kids that attend this school are kids with rough past experiences and many are orphans. With this school, Hershey gave many kids the opportunity to give themselves a better future.

Just walking around the town and taking to locals, we realized that a lot of the locals, were past students from the school! They all had very different stories, yet one thing they all had I common was the admiration they had for Milton Hershey.

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